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Directions: click this link

Eastbound on Idependence Blvd. (from I-77/277):
Take Independence Blvd. To the very first Exit you see. Green sign will read "Freeway Ends" Street sign will read "Rockway Dr." Exit flows directly into the Kim school parking lot. If you miss Exit: take very next Exit several hundred feet ahead at Merchandise Mart. Turn right at Chantilly Public School and follow road through parking lot. Kim school is at the end of the parking lot.
Westbound on Independence Blvd: (From Matthews/Pineville/Hwy 51)
Take Independence Blvd. to the Briar Creek Exit. Turn Left at the top of the ramp. (Television Blvd. Fox TV)
Straight 1/8 mile to Monroe Rd. Make a right at the stoplight. Stay in the right lane. Turn right at the very next stoplight. (Briarcreek Rd. and the Gran Prix gas station).
From Monroe Road / 7th Street:
Turn onto Briarcreek Rd. at the Gran Prix gas station: Follow Briarcreek toStay on Briarcreek until you see Charlotte Merchandise mart on Right. Turn Left into parking lot of Chantilly Public School. Follow the road through the parking lot. Kim School is at the end of the school parking lot.